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Phone number: 0 645 533 098

Doude van Troostwijkstraat 14

3626AV Nieuwer ter Aa

Wojtusciszyn Bouw

Professional Paiting Services

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0 645 533 098

If you would like to use our services, CALL THIS NUMBER 0 645 533 098

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Phone number: 0 645 533 098


Our Amsterdam clients expect beautiful and durable results. Our team of professional painters is qualified in painting diverse house designs and commercial spaces, and maintaining their glow throughout the years. For over a decade, Painting Squad guarantees the skills, knowledge and high-quality craft required by our demanding Amsterdam clients. Regardless whether your space is a luxury property, Office building or duplex-house, we are thorough, precise and careful with everything we do, to prepare and paint your property. 

Our offer



PAINTING SQUAD is one of the most respected companies specializing in painting in the Amsterdam region. If you are seeking experienced painting professionals, who have been over 13 years on the market and understand the unique style of Amsterdam houses, then we are your crew! We look forward to meeting you and discussing your painting requirements. What makes Painting Squad stand out is a full range of services included in our offer. In other words, we don’t just paint houses. 

We also create our own paint and colour scheme. This is why, if you contact us for a painting quotation, we will help you set a reasonable budget, present you with special colour ideas with the help of our colourist, and make and use the highest-quality paint. We have gathered a long list of very satisfied  clients from Amsterdam and surroundings, so don’t hesitate to ask about our references! 


  Exterior painting  


  Custom finishes and mouldings  


  Colour consultations and much more  


  Carpentry removal and renovation  


  Painting and renewal of cabinets  


  Pressure washing  


  Primer renewal  


  Carpentry finishes and repairs  


  Interior painting  



If you would like to use our services, CALL THIS NUMBER 0 645 533 098

Oude Kerk

is the oldest church in the city (13th – 14th century)

Interesting fact - OUDE KERK