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Phone number: 0 645 533 098

Doude van Troostwijkstraat 14

3626AV Nieuwer ter Aa

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Phone number: 0 645 533 098


Our offer 


A carefully painted house exterior translates into beauty and elegance, but that’s not all – renewed paint creates a barrier against elements that compromise the integrity of your home. Since 2007, PAINTING SQUAD has been decorating, improving and restoring the elegance of buildings in Amsterdam. Our experience, expertise and strive for perfection have made us the top-choice exterior painting company. Our reputation of being aesthetic, durable and attractive, makes it easy to understand why so many people have entrusted us in painting the exteriors of their homes in Amsterdam and beyond! 

We only work with the highest-quality paints 


At Painting Squad, we only work with top-shelf paints and preparation techniques, paying extra attention to each detail. We fully prepare and maintain every surface, ensuring a uniform finish and proper adhesion of the varnish, as well as carefully mask and secure all surfaces not meant for painting. Our experienced painters will approach your home with respect, keep tasks and working hours organized in a way to keep disturbances in your house at minimum. 


Cleaning and maintenance options: